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[DW 1.7] Rollback Request AE2 entire ME system gone! D;

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x: 1456.45127 y: 57.000 z: 3570.44074

11:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Monday July 24, 2017

I was moving chests from my old base to my new base, and when i came back with my first dolly load, my Me crafting terminal, crystal chest, and ME drives were gone...


I have a mac, so my screenshots can't be organized so i couldn't post any

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What's a rollback point, and no... I moved the Me system way before the greif, also don't remember the time when everything was there. Please just figure it out, with all respect, that was practically everything I had... and like I said, if 11:44 doesn't work, try doing 11:41-11:44 please.

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