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[DW 1.10] Crystal Clusters


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In the new dw1.10 server you need crystal clusters for a tier VI blood altar, but the recipe for them aren't implemented yet. I found the recipe they want to add, so I suggest adding them to the shop or add a custom recipe for them since there is no way to progress any further in Blood Magic because of this. The recipe I found they wanted to add is:

activation crystal, emerald block, activation crystal
lapis block, beacon, lapis block
diamond block, archmage orb, diamond block

Thanks in advance,   Seragus

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  • Founder

does someone have experience so we add this to our script?

This is the example i have:

recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:dragon_egg>*1,[[null, <draconicevolution:dragon_heart>], [<draconicevolution:awakened_core>, <ore:egg>, <draconicevolution:awakened_core>], [null, <draconicevolution:dragon_heart>]]);

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Apparently for damage values it's ":", not a ".", so confused about this. Anyways I made the code and tested it on a test server and it works

recipes.addShaped(<bloodmagic:BlockCrystal>*1,[[<bloodmagic:ItemActivationCrystal:1>, <minecraft:emerald_block>, <bloodmagic:ItemActivationCrystal:1>], [<minecraft:lapis_block>, <minecraft:beacon>, <minecraft:lapis_block>], [<minecraft:diamond_block>, <bloodmagic:ItemBloodOrb:4>, <minecraft:diamond_block>]]);


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