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Reason for low tps dw20 1.10.2


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Im aware that the new dw20 server is constantly being worked on, however some things do get unnoticed though, the same way as the builder quarry from RFTools. It causes huge block updates which cause major tps drops within a second if it receives a constant redstone signal (lever).

Builder being off and tps being 20.


Builder being on, tps instantly going down to 6.




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Hello Derp, thanks for actually trying to help out in reporting these issues but I would really appreciate it if you would do more testings of this issue. Me, bruny and henk were aware of the quarries causing certain TPS drop situations in the past few days (Primarily being the quantum quarry with biome markers). I took note of your issue, made a quarry system in the deep dark with nothing being able to bottleneck the system and the TPS was in it's acceptable range (18-20) for the most part. There was an instance where the TPS dropped to 5 but it was highly unlikely for the quarry to be causing this issue as it wasn't constant. Here are some videos of me testing it if you don't believe my words.

If you ever find the TPS issue of this builder again then please record a video of it and also send me screenshots of the configurations you made


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This issue is rather self explanatory, if you lack the ability to see it, maybe you should do some additional testing. As for the setup, you can clearly see it in the screenshot, or the video.

Also to clarify, i've tried it in the overworld without any noticeable tps drop, however the above screenshots been taken in a rftools dimension, same as the video.


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i tried to use quarry and it was ok, maybe because i whitelist the ores and not change all the dirt that ended up voided/ trashed as 80% of the blocks are voided anyways,

dimension building on the other hand, make TPS drop significantly but only at a brief time,

i encourage trading stuff tho, especially if it's automateable

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