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Forestry trading tutorial

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now i'm making this tutorial for people who want to use forestry mod for trading purpose.

because there's no player shop plugin yet, and we need some sort of trading for following purpose:

  1. reducing the amount of machines deployed and idle in server (one off machine that never used)
  2. sending/ receiving items safely between player (reduce the risk of tpkill and stuff)
  3. stocking item for sale is automateable via pipe, so a sophisticated enough setup can allow auto-process items via mail. 

however there's shortcomings in the system:

  1. the items for sale must be not unique
  2. stamps and letter is needed to send/receive the items
  3. catalog and mailbox is needed to get started (we can make post station though)

to address the first shortcoming the seller can send items by request instead of using the trade station

then, without further ado:

how to buy items:

  1. make sure you have these stuff: [letter, stamp, the item cost the seller require, access to mailbox], a catalog may be helpful
  2. hold ONE letter (not the whole stack) in hand then open it, change the mailing mode to trading (marked $ instead of mail) and write recipient as the trade station's name
  3. put the appropriate amount of required items in the mail and add appropriate amount of stamp. do note that 1n stamp is required to send the mail and additional 1n for each stack attached
  4. right click letter on mailbox to send the letter and then wait for response (instantly most of the time)
  5. open mailbox, take the response letter and get the attached bought item

tl;dr pics: http://imgur.com/a/zXUsE

how to sell items:


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