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[Town Removal] Inactive chunck remove request


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Account Name: Quixy07

Town name in question: KCDQ

Coordinates:    x: 3070   z: -4466   

Town members: Applics, Oxyclo, ashurumare

Reason for request: This town is right next to us and they claimed 4 chuncks in our direction (as u can see from the town map if u tp to that coordinate), preventing us to claim a rectangle. Since they are inactive and they even didnt use those chunck, we would love you to unclaim only those 4

Thank you in advance. Please contact me on Discord (Quixy#2943) if you need anything

Screenshot of town members activity:



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None of the people in the town have been online in over a month. The whole town needs deleting, in order to reduce lag, especially if people are living near it. It's a little big for me to delete it at the moment.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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