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Reactivate Sponsor (CTW)


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Hi, @brunyman and @Powerwarp

I would like to obtain my sponsor membership in ctw since I have it but very few parts and in ctw bug because in the majority of maps or posters I do not have the rank completely and does not let me choose team among other things.

Tests of confirmation : http://imgur.com/a/Vyu27 , https://prntscr.com/gluat7 , https://prntscr.com/glub3x

all that happens is for the name change that was erroneously transferred the range but everything else is perfect only in that game mode is the problem.

Thanks!! :P




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6 minutes ago, brunyman said:

The player the bought the rank was from USA, you are from Venezuela how is that possible?

Hi, @brunyman

I am Venezuelan, my brother is from the United States for more than 4 years and he buys me things and sends us money among other things, That's why you're confused. But the rank that I have is not given or stolen is my property bought familiarly. As I said I only have this rank, only that a month ago I changed the name and I was wrongly transferred.

my old name was AsazinXCyler in that name was bought the range, then I changed the name to iGodMyersMC. 


This is a long time ago, as you can see, it's me : https://imgur.com/a/6bk8r 



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