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Minigame: CTW and Hiipo-Plots

In-Game nickname: MeJorge

Nickname of the ones i'm complaintning about: lechy888, EVATUBBERS_FAN, SOCKSPVP, mank189, KAYkunPRO and andresAMHX


lechy: Spam caps and insulting,

evatubbers: caps and saying he will report me because yes.

socks: trolling teammates and trying to block the exit of the spawn,

mank: bug abuse (Armor)

KAYkun: bug abuse (Armor)

andres: insulting


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It's the right one, the other one is an example, i said everything i need to say: my nickname, the minigame, the proofs and the other peoples' names and as i dont have noone to prove it i dindt used it, so it is valid... or maybe i'm wrong :v?

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 @MeJorge The template is for us to see a clear report. Your report is not clear, fonts in bold help reading categories -name, reason, etc-. So please, next time use the original template. These are old ss, so I only punished a few. Please also write names correctly xD

Thanks for reporting;


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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