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Anti-Matter Greifing.


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In-Game Nickname: (kryofox, Chipotle)

Time and date: 3:50 pm 11 October (Australian Time) - 12:50 am 11 October

Description of what happened: Things started Blowing up as antimatter was being dropped some how in spawn. I could see everyone and did the /near command and looked for people who were invisible. Found one suspect Chipotle. Then explosions and Uranium drops Then it started to move to the Base of TriVector and Sponguebob54213. I /tpa TriVector to sit around and watch. To Which kyrofox and Chipotle Both were at his base invisible. (/near) I could hear them walk around. And after a few seconds I heard a Teleport noise similar to the Enderman and the Dimension Doors Mod. Kyrofox and Chipotle Both left and a minute later Anti-matter and Uranium started to spawn around us with Black smoke effects Destroyed Their Base.
Later I moved to spawn where more explosions were happening. Only me and Chipotle were in the area.
(kyrofox may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time in Trivectors Base. No public text around the time to indicate that he was wasn't apart of it. Possible TP on Tri rr Chip)

Screenshots or Proof: 

(Sorry for Microphone buzz)




(at 1:05 Supa uses Inventory peek on Chip)
(more Inventory peeking on Chip)
(Supplied by Supaspork)

List of eyewitnesses: TriVector, spongebob54213, Supaspork

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He's at it again, under different account "Madalina_Rusu", will post my video in just a few minutes, altho not nearly as concrete as the last one, its pretty odd he has full power armor etc within the same day he joined the server, also he doesnt have a town, just like Chipotle, which begs the question how he got the stuff without hacking. anyway, heres the video.


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