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Command request.

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Account Name: Avine93
Rank: Sponsor+
Requested Commands^: World edit / worldedit.*, if not all commands then the listed perm nodes are what i'm wanting.

  1. worldedit.brush.sphere
  2. worldedit.brush.cylinder
  3. worldedit.brush.smooth
  4. worldedit.calc
  5. worldedit.selection.expand
  6. worldedit.region.deform
  7. worldedit.region.curve
  8. worldedit.history.undo
  9. worldedit.history.redo
  10. worldedit.brush.options.mask
  11. worldedit.green

Reason for Request*: Got a fairly extravagant floating island in mind that would take a few weeks to do by hand even with a builders wand (Which i have done..) fully capable of using the entirety of the plugin sensibly without causing lag or crashing the server, /br commands will be for dirt / stone / cobble / grass via green command, Nothing else. (listed those as i'd rather not get removed from the eco as i'd inadvertently regain spawning items in via world edit) 

Also i noticed you don't have many moderators online mainly helpers and judges (at least in my time zone UTC+ / United Kingdom, not seen any mods.) Tick Profiler commands would be handy to, keep an eye on my base and the server in general, but i'm not to fussed about this one though, more for peace of mind on my end.

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thought i'd like to just add you can Log what people use worldedit for via the config.yml:

    log-commands: false
    file: worldedit.log

Random question but why is there no YAML markup for the code snippet o.o


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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