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hello, yesturday disapeard a lot of my suits from my own town and some blocks were moved and partly gone...

i think its an fail on the server.... can i have back my suits and panels please? it disapeard a lot more than that, but this was important for me... its weird

3x  Ultimate Solar Panel    2431

Draconic suit        5625

-"-                        5626

-"-                        5627

-"-                        5628

Quantum Suit  4174:1

-"-                   4175:1

-"-                   4176:1

-"-                   4177:1

Nano Suit        4170:1

-"-                  4171:1

-"-                  4172:1

-"-                  4173:1

Scuba Helmet 4162

Hazmad suit 4162

-"-                4163


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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