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Lagg/Economy: Reset request


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Hello everybody :)

First of all i would like to talk about lagg issues of the Infinity evolved (expert mode) server. At weekends the server sometimes restarts twice in 10 minutes because the tps are dropping down massively. Big bases are loaded and many massive dimensions. During the week there are laggs even if there are only a few people online (15-20), because most of those are either super late game or startes-mid game players. Which leads me to my next point.

I really love the community we have all built here and i DONT want anybody to have a bad time playing or leave completely! There are new players coming every day - the first questions i always hear are: Why do i have to break a block 3 times? (because of massive tp drops) - Is this server always lagging like that? - and why is the quest book disabled?

The second topic i want to talk about is the Economy. Using an economy plugin on a modded MC server, espacially IE expert mode, is a brilliant idea and i totally love it (i think i am speaking for nearly everybody playing here). But there are also downsides. Because of the fact that in my eyes 1/3 of the active players (playing once a week or more) are late game/super late game items have gone down in value and prices dramatically. Many new players just buy and ME system right away after the start or quantum solars. That takes away a whole MONTH of playtime and cuts out big parts of the modpack for them...

Combining the facts i tried to explain here: 10-20 every day players; 5-10 of them are super late game, 2-5 late game, 10 mid game, a few early game.
Players who want to join the server now are gettin restarts every 20 minutes, and even than sometimes huge tps drops and massive items/setups sold for super cheap prices.

Most of the super late game players are bored and either waiting for a reset or just testing out stuff. Mid game people are gettin boosted up super hard with massive loads of items and high tier stuff. And new players dont enjoy starting because of the massive lagg.

If somebody wants to say something too about laggs/economy/Server reset feel free to add your opinion under this. Please be honest, also the mid game players, is it really that fun to buy nearly everything from the late game dudes? :/

Thanks for the attention! And excuse me for my english its not the best hahah i tried my best here :)


PS: shout outs to Imp ;D best mod <3

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Hey everybody

i'll giva a short speech ;)

I play here for ca. 3 months. I realy like expert mode but the lag here is every day, and every weekend is the lag very hard :/  Quarrys, tesseracts and all stuff u need disapears a lot of times in dimensions when the server get restart. I think an reset (wipe) should be very nice here. I fully agree with the "derkakumba".

Best reguards     Maik

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I mean it is worth a try i guess.

And just wanted to give you the info that today a streamer joined the server with viewers and friends. And all of them complained about lagg issues. I really dont think that anybody new will stay if this continues :(
Today we had 3 restarts in under 1 minute...

And thanks for taking the time to read through my post :) @brunyman

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21 hours ago, derkakumba said:

Today we had 3 restarts in under 1 minute

This is probably not because of server lag, but rather someone placing a block that caused problems or maybe even a chuck. You can check this if you look at the player list. If the server restarts everytime the same person logs on, they're probably the one causing it.


44 minutes ago, Kribba said:

maybe restrict the chunk loaders

We have a plugin that only lets you use 4 chunkloaders, if you place more, they will get removed when the tps drops too low (The 4 you placed first will stay).

I'm not sure if restricting chunkloaders will work, because last time people were complaining they couldn't load their base properly, which in turn caused problems.


Will a wipe help for that long? I have my doubts. 2-3 months after the last wipe, some people were so advanced and had such a huge base that we had some lag already(not as much as now though). If we reset everytime the server gets laggy for a long period, we'd have to reset every 2-3 months. A lot of people won't be able to reach end-game in that time and we'd probably lose people since they don't have enough time to do the things they want.

As for the economy problems. I do agree that sometimes people sell end-game items for waay too low price. If staff members are online, we tell them not to do that. If they do continue we will give them a warning and maybe even more than that.


Quick summary: Wipe might help, but I don't think it'll help for long. As for economy problems, we should really do something about it, maybe check the market more for end-game items being sold too low.


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I dont really get your point Dragonlady...

The server is running 6 months now with the current map, not 2-3!
Last time it got wiped it also ran 6 months. In my opinion 6 months is enough for EVERYBODY to reach super late game even if they are only weekend players. A server wipe with new plugins and maybe a hardware upgrade for the server would be our best options in my and many peoples eyes. Sure there will be people not very happy about a total reset but the new players who would like to start now could play nearly laggfree. Most of the new players also know that there will probably be a reset in near future so they dont even start playing. 
Do we really want to continue with this map just for ~10 people who want to reach their last few goals they havent reached yet? Or do we want to open the server for new faszinated modded MC players that would love to join us here.

The economy really needs a reset and/or a plugin or something to regulate it more. What i saw on other servers, and i really liked it, where some kind of 'trading rooms'. Right now the whole economy is based on money! What if it could be based around items that everybody needs? For example 1 diamond gets traded for 16 iron.

I hope i can get somebody thinking. I mean just play 5 hours on the server and you will see every 30 mins complainments about lagg/tps drops and restarts. New players asking for super late game items at totally unreasonable prices...

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What I said is that the server already had problems after 2-3 months. No idea how you got "the server has been running for 2-3 months" out of that.

I also never said 6 months wasn't enough time for people to reach endgame, cause it is enough time imo. I said that about 2-3 months, cause that's when some people have reached endgame(a lot of farming, being online all the time) and when the server is starting to get laggy.


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I dont know why you try to argument against all the people who came here and tried to tell the reader of this (admins/mods/owner)...
I know that after 2 months lagg will get more heavy again but right NOW 1 out of 10 new logged in players wants to continue playing on this server. All others just leave atfer playing 5 minutes realizing that there is no way they are going to mine anything.

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