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[Inventory rollback request] NC95


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Your Name: NC95
Coordinates: x: 3712 y:65 z:2525
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): At about 11:00, more than less.  Jan 29 2018
Description of Issue: The server was experiencing lag. I was building the walls of our base, when a crazy amount of damage for falling kills me; i was about to write /back for retrieve my things when the server crashes. I join again and go for my items, and they have gone from the world. Rolling back to about that time should solve my issue. 

My lost items includes

- power armor helmet: it had a flight control, a airtigh seal and diamond plating

- power armor chest: it had a jetpack, a glider, elite battery and diamond plating

- power armor leggins: Diamond plating

- power armor boots: Diamond plating

- power Fist

- some stacks of solid sand


Thanks for the attention

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