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A Friend and I Keep Taking Random Damage


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Dear Craftersland Staff,

          Throughout the course of my time on this server, a friend and I have been taking damage at random times after the third day of playing.  The cause of death is labelled as drowning, however we both are perfectly above water and not suffocating in any way.  Our hunger has been completely full, there were no mobs around, and we were not being punched by other players.  The damage is always enough to kill us at least twice each time, and it only occurs whenever we are on this server and no others.  The hypothesis produced have all been shot down except for the one remaining: someone has taglocked us with a witchery or thaumcraft mechanism that acts as a way for them to deal damage to us with no benefit to themselves except knowing that we are getting upset because of it.  The only consistency that I can see with this damage is that it happens more to me (probably because I am on the server more) and that it is enough to kill us twice almost every time.  Hopefully you can either fix the bug or catch the person who is doing this sadistic act to us so we can have more fun on this server and so you can find someone who has been terrorizing us for quite a while.  

Usernames: Gamer3546, Warden_Designs

Time on Server: 6-7 days

Thank you in advance,

     -  Warden


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