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[Investigation request] My town crashed the server

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Town name: RotoBase

Coords: x = 963, z = 2865

Time: February 18th, 2017 10:50PM GMT+7

Description: After server restart I relogin 4 times but everytime when I login server keep restarting. I suspect that my base has crashed the server and the problem maybe comes from the Railcraft Steam Oven again. 

Update: Looks like the server has self fix the crashing error and I notice 1 obsidian block is spawned next to my harvester. For what I remember there are no items or blocks near this machine. I cannot upload the image now because imgur is error 

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This happens when a player tries to login in a corrupted chunk, in this case your are the player. If the server crashes/restarts enough times, at some point that corrupted chunk/base will be either rolled back or fixed by the server. It tends to happen every now and then since this is a modpack, it's kinda unstable. If you have world anchors i suggest your remove them since they are a problem for the multiblock structures.

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