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  1. Y0lin

    Assembly Tables and Lasers

    After i unload the chunks of my base and load them back, the problem is fixed ( not every time, sometimes it does not work). Lets see what brunyman has to say about this, maybe he encountered the problem before and he knows how to fix it.
  2. Y0lin

    Assembly Tables and Lasers

    I have the same problem, looks like another chunk loading problem. A temp fix is to either remove all the chunk loaders that you have or go to spawn for a few minutes ( to unload your base chunks) and go back.
  3. I don't understand why all of you vote for the revelation pack. Why would you want to play it since there's already a dw20 pack. This pack, compared to the dw20 pack, doesn't add any real modifications (aside for a few mods here and there which again, they don't do much). It's basically the same modpack except it has a few mods that dw20 doesn't. I get that it's a popular one, but the players will probably quit playing on the dw20 to play on the revelation.
  4. Y0lin

    FTB Infinity Evolved Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    I agree a wipe would be very good. At this point i don't have anything left to do and the most important thing is that the lag will be gone.
  5. Most of the modpacks are the same ( same mods, same gameplay). My suggestion is to add a modpack which has mods that are not that known, like https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-horizons-iii , because it's boring to play the same mods over and over again.
  6. All the dimensions besides overworld are wiped frequently to help with the lag. You are saying you are stuck in that dimension? Did tou tried /spawn or /home? Also i doubt that the dimension can be rolled back unless the owner can take it from the backup files. There's a option in the shop to keep a specific dimension from wipe. It's 10E and it currently has support for rftools and mystcraft dim, but i'm sure that if you want a different dim the owner can help you.
  7. Y0lin

    Roll back Request

    Kaliber110 already did that. The problem has been fixed so there's no need for the rollback.
  8. Y0lin

    Turn off Ender Dragon sound?

    I think it's better and easier to turn your sound off manually. It only takes a few seconds. I play without the sound so i wouldn't know how annoying it is.
  9. Y0lin

    Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

    I don't think there's a free app for ios. Just install an android emulator like bluestacks or nox and install the app there.
  10. Y0lin

    Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

    Do you still use a chunk loader? As bruny said, it might be a chunk loading problem. Also if you can't connect, try to use the android pickaxe chat app because if i remember correctly it's gonna teleport you to spawn.
  11. Y0lin


    Make sure you add both TID's here so the owner can track down your payments. You'll have to wait a while because the owner is the only one who can give ranks and he is kinda busy.
  12. Y0lin

    Need help logging in

    Alright, did not knew that. I play only on the IE server and i assumed it's the same thing to all the servers. Just trying to help, sorry for the misinformation.
  13. Y0lin

    [Town Removal]

    Account Name(you): Y0lin Town name in question(case sensitive): "removebase" Coordinates: X 212 Z 2832 Town members: Y0lin Reason for request: The town was unclaimed and all the items were left there. I claimed it and i found out that there were creative spawned items like creative portable tank. As you can see from the screenshots the owner was Ahryman. I think it's best to //chunk it since nobody is using it. Also, does the rule 4 apply in this case? Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/oykgU
  14. Y0lin

    [Rollback Request]

    Alright, all good now. Thank you.
  15. Y0lin

    [Investigation request] My town crashed the server

    This happens when a player tries to login in a corrupted chunk, in this case your are the player. If the server crashes/restarts enough times, at some point that corrupted chunk/base will be either rolled back or fixed by the server. It tends to happen every now and then since this is a modpack, it's kinda unstable. If you have world anchors i suggest your remove them since they are a problem for the multiblock structures.

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