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how about bulk discount


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actually, since @akaElite banned me for "simulating to give away duped shit" i gave that project up. im NOT good at selling stuff but id say maybe for every 10 bought items 5-10% discount? i meant that for everyone not just for me. EDIT: ... wait did you just change the price cuz i didnt answer your first question, yeah sorry but i had a fun time killing Eva on Nier:Automata.

Screenshot (20.02.2018 00_26_39).png


EDIT2: Just checked it, thanks m8!


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Well, GMail recognized u as spam and this isnt the right topic to bitch around, come at me bro but privatly, for example on Discord just as i did.



Also, just wanna mention, i asked aka why he banned me and his answer wasnt because i duped, he should probably get his shit right, check the attached link on my first post on this thread.


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