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[Chunk rollback)

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Your Name: MoisturizedPig
Island Owner Name: Buckuris
Coordiantes: x: -16057 z: -3160
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  I am not completely sure when this chunk was okay, but I didn't notice any problems until like the 14th. So I would say everything was fine at 13th of march 10am GMT
Description of Issue: Almost every time I enter this chunk I crash.(usually when flying) I strongly believe that this has nothing to do with the client it self(Allocated RAM etc.), since it is pretty much this chunk alone that I crash in.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hey, I logged back on after the latest reboot and noticed our island is... slightly changed. 
At first, I was certain that something went wrong with the chunk rollback, but then I noticed our whole island is rolled back. As you gave no signs to the fact that you rolled back the chunk, I take it you didn't(or that was not the plan). 

We had (in my eyes)extreme progress from the time and date "everything was fine" to this point. It's a real shame to see it all gone.

If there's a way you can change it back again to the state it were right before the reboot it would be very much appreciated. I would never sacrifise all our stuff just to have less crashes.

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