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[Town Rollback Request] jackel2672


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Your Name: Yusixs

On behalf of: jackel2672
Town Name: SCorp
Coordinates: -1650, 70, 6000
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 24th March, 2018 
Description of Issue: So, yes I will admit that it was my fault in this. I accidentally deleted his town as he had a massive town-circle around someone else's claim (which didn't allow the other people to walk back into their town). So, I did some rough checking (this is where the mistake was make) and noticed that the entire circle was claimed by SCorp. I had not noticed a chunk line extending to his volcano base and deleted his town without a second thought. Later I realized that his volcano started being greifed and after much confusion, I realized that I had made a mistake of not noticing a chunk line extension from the volcano to the circle. The player quit the server but I would still like to get his stuff back if he ever decided to join back. Thanks
Screenshots (Optional): (zeno is the guy btw)

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