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[Refund Request]


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[Name] LillaPopcorn

Quantum suit leggings, Jetpack, long fall boots, 3 golden bag of holding. 64 iron plate, 64 copper plate, 2 legendary keys (the vote keys legendary teir) tinkers hammers (made of steel) 2 stacks redstone. a normal wand, 1 stack Toast, 45 diamond blocks. I had a bunch more stuff but this was the most valuable.

it happend at like 23:20 pm Swedish time 2018-04-06 I died to a Node that sucked me in to it and killed me. 

It didn't drop a grave stone.

my evidence is I got like 3 death marker things. a admin (dont know if he was a admin) (name=ManYouForgot) saw me die to it. 


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