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Direwolf20 1.12 no staff online


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Alright, so here is the deal, I've been playing for a while now on the dw20 1.12 server, and i rarely see any staff online, i talked with other players, they say the same thing. The end is blocked (when you teleport you spawn in blocks and can't break them because of protection), spawn shop isn't working, the lava/water ender tanks unload 1 second after nobody is at spawn and we ran into other problems, but there was no staff to help us out. We post on discord, but a bunch of times it just got ignored. I understand that the dw20 1.12 server doesn't have as many players as other CL servers, but that doesn't mean you should abandon us. Please do something about this.

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Well then, first off there is a very small amount of staff for the Direwolf 1.12 server, in fact only 5 staff members for it, 2 GMs an Admin, Mod and a Helper and all of us staff atleast 2 servers or more... so we can seem inactive (right now I'm on holiday and will be for the next few days)


Im aware of the issue regarding the End, I will bring this matter to higher up people so it can be resolved quickly as it it's somewhat a big problem. 


Almost every sign in the spawn shop works - an exception to that would be: logic presses, wireless boosters, blitz rods and a few other things. I'm pretty sure that we are working on fixing those things when possible, shouldn't be too much longer until this is fixed. 


Ender tanks at soawn are are supposed to be chunk loaded. I. The past this issue was present and to fix it someon just needed to teleport to spawn and the tanks were full until the next restart/crash. We will have to look into a new fix for this then.


If you are experiencing issues, the best place to bring it up would be the forums, things aren't easily related buried on here as they are in discord - discord is great if a staff is online and you ping them, all most every time the issue can be fixed quickly (depends on staff rank and what the issue is)


And finally, we have not abandoned you guys, we are still here to help you out, at this moment in time some of us may be skittle busier then usual, if you need us just let us know on the forums, it's much easier for us to look at them rather then go thriugh and read hundreds of messages in discord just to find an issue. 


If if you have more to say about this I strongly encourage you to do so. 

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