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Botania Sparks vanishing


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I'm affected by a pretty serious problem that makes botania automation extremely problematic. On average every 2ish weeks all my mana pool sparks vanish entirely (happened twice so far), alongside all their spark augments. This does not affect corporea sparks, which look the same but are functionally completely different, only mana sparks disappear.

This is extremely crippling, since it stops all mana transfer in a system, halting all reliant setups and "machines". To compare, it's an equivalent of losing all energy pipes in your entire base and while easier to replace, I feel you should know about this and perhaps look into it.

Sidenote: Mana spreaders don't do good enough job I'm afraid - they make setups even bulkier than normal and cant be used for many things, such as Dominant spark Terra Shatterer charging, or large mana mirror setup. With total of around 100 mana pools throughout the entire base, replacing each spark and augment is tedious at best.

Apparently at least one other player had this problem.

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Thanks, I failed at search. Does this apply to corporea sparks too, once they reach high enough numbers? Im using them for automation, currently 40, if the server limit is 100, I feel like the entire botania automation goes down the drain. Literally, since the only way to move items will be water channels and hopperhocks.

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but 100 sparks will hardly cause as much lag as a giant 1000 chunks pyramid or a machine setup smelting 20 items per second per electric furnace.

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