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Chunk rollback request

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Account Name: 0_PANDA_8

Town name: / Character name : LONELY / 0_PANDA_8

Server: Direwolf 1.7

Coordinates:    X: -2713    z: -871      y: 70

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:    7:40 pm 16/4/18 Australian time

Description of Issue: I logged off the server as i was getting a lot of lag, so i waited about 1 hours and logged back on to notice that my base was a wreck, all of my items in my chest were gone as were the stuff in my smeltery, (nothing out side of this chunk was affected).

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8 hours ago, brunyman said:

I tried a rollback but now sure if that fixed the issue, if so please post a list of items for refund

it didnt work but my base wasnt a wreck anymore maybe a few mins back would of helped but anyway ill post a item refund thing thanks anyway.

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