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Lost Items between server restarts / sessions


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Logged in to tekkit at around 10PM EST today after previously logging out around 3 AM EST, and was missing my resonant jetpack from previous session. Fortunately I had won another jetpack from legendary voting and managed. However, I also lost my resonant energy cell after a server restart around 11:45 PM... which was less replaceable. 

I would really like both of those items back, if not at least a inventory rollback with my energy cell back.

Username is Science_Expert, my home is at 225, 525

Please reply? Thanks

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Thanks for returning those! Possibly a rollback with the jetpack, and I think I placed down the cell right after the server saved, but right before the server restart, so the block rolled back to the save where it hadn't been placed yet but didn't appear in inv? Not entirely sure though.


Thank you for the help!

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