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[Refund Request]


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Your Name: DeBunnynator
Item Name + Amount: 1 Resonant Energy Cell, 1 Ruby Sword (Sharp V, Looting II, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II), full Power Armor Suit (Swim assist, sprint assist, uphill assist, energy shields [on all], kinetic generator, jetpack, parachute, heat sinks [on all], thermal generator, advanced solar generator, flight control, auto feed, water electrolyzer, night vision), ender pouch, meat ingots (half a stack), straw, resonant energy cell, stack of empty cells, 3 dark matter cells, ender pouch, big backpack (black)
Coordinates: Uh, 5255, -1745
Description of Issue: Did /back. Bad things happened....so terrible....I might be scarred.
Screenshots (Optional): I don't think I literally EVER have screenshots.

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