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FTB Revelation Modded Server is now OPEN!

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Server address:   rev.craftersland.net


Our Revelation server is now open to public! Thanks to all that helped out making this project possible, from staff members who spent allot of their time testing stuff, to donators that provided fuel to keep all of this running to members that vote or just are part of this community.

The server has all the features that our modded servers have like:

  • Economy (Server shops and Players Market)
  • Live Maps
  • Clans (PvP)
  • Grief prevention for land claim
  • Crates and rewards
  • Biomes O Plenty generation enabled
  • Hosted on a dedicated server in Germany
  • Server is running on latest recommended version, 1.8.0 at this time.

Note that the server just opened and means it was not tested with lots of players on it so crashes can happen, we will get them fixed but as result the server stability may not be perfect until then.

Banned Items: HERE!

Live Map: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!



Modded Adventures!


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