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BLOCK_BERZERK claim rollback request


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Coordiantes: (xyz: -729 89 295)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 11:30 pm cst 14/5/18
Description of Issue: All my chests changed color and are empty. I was told on discord there was a corruption issue today.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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15 minutes ago, RandomNukes said:

no. this was caused by a server wide issue.

That's really weird, could it be an event? I remember chests can change texture with holidays.
Either that or the textures are just mismatched and corrupted.

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Sorry it has taken so long to reply.  After my last post my account was hacked, I just regained control of it today. I placed a new chest of the same type and they are fine, the old chests are still wierd and missing all items that were in them. I tried reinstalling the mod pack, it didn't fix it. I believe i still need a roll back on my claim.

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