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Industrial Foregoing Geatherer/Sower setup bugged


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The whole thing sometimes just stops working. I think I've figured out why:
The trees (all kinds) sometimes grow without their bottom block, this way the geatherer doesn't see it. If i place a block of wood in the bottom, it starts working again.
(Also the fluxduct on the gatherer sometimes just disconnects, but thats for another day :D).
Hope it could be fixed soon :)

ps.: the same problem exists on DW20 1.12

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Pretty sure this issue is caused by claims. I have a steve's cart tree farm just outside my claims that works pretty fine. At one point, however, I extended my claim to cover a portion of said tree darm near the detector block to protect the resources gathered and noticed the sapling thing happening to me. At the time I didn't know what the problem was, as the cart was also filled to the brim with saplings so it couldn't cut any wood either(not sure what caused that, not the point), so I experimented a bit as I had suspected claims were the issue. What I saw was that indeed, trees grew weirdly like that while they were inside my claim. At the time I had all the default claim flags, so not sure if changing one of those would fix the issue or not.


Although, if your trees weren't inside a claim I guess this isn't the case, so I gotta ask, was that area claimed at the time?

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