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Removal of an item at spawn shop


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@brunyman there is a little OP problem at spawn, there is an item that needs to be removed as soon as possible because it is hard to make and takes decent amount of stuff.

Awakened draconium: its pretty much draconium infused with dragon heart and 6 draconium cores in the wyvern infuser with 350,000,000 RF, its a really late game material.



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There is a way to summon the Ender Dragon for the drop to create those ingots, the other ore is common enough to be obtained by normal means. I.E. I have like 80 Dracorium Ingots gotten from mining by hand. Therefore both should be removed from spawn, as they significantly alter progression.

If you absolutely must sell it that at least change the price to something more reasonable, like 100$ per Draconium ingot and 2500$ per awakened Draconium ingot.

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