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Possible Protection Bypass (and Rollback Request)

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I just logged onto the server and I noticed a new chest at my base. This chest contains 4 builders which are marked as owned by NonVeganCyclist, as well as 4 ender chests and 4 flux points. I have never trusted anyone other than my base partner GreeneLeader and when I asked him he says that he has no knowledge of how this chest came to be inside our claim. Between the fact that my teammate isn't responsible for these items and that they are placed inside a claim which the person shouldn't have access to it makes me very concerned that NonVeganCyclist has found a method to bypass claim protections. Neither I nor GreeneLeader has touched the suspect items and we would be very appreciative if a GM or another staff could come and look at the suspect items to determine what should happen next. 


Pictures to show the suspect chest and items. 




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Your Name:  greenmachine1123 (Name changed to prevent confusion with the other greeneLeader)
Coordiantes: -1950 3176 65
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year):  5/24/2018 11:00 pm EST 
Description of Issue: Items seem to be missing from my chests and a chest was added to my base making me think someone bypassed the protections to my claim. I think that it would be better to rollback the claim as a measure to be better safe than sorry especially considering this happened during the transition from chests to ME so it is very very difficult to isolate what items are missing. 
Screenshots (Optional): See previous post. 

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It was me who placed the chest, I believe that was his base since he was last time there for some reason so I placed it there, the chest will be removed and moved to proper place.

Nobody touched any part of your things when we were there, literally, so either you or your friend lost it.

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