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Hello Balrog57,

As explained by staff above- Network and modded are two different sections of Craftesland. When you refer to a Server network you often mean a network of servers- all tied together to act as one. That is what our vanilla servers are. Our modded servers are all separate. And it's a habit of people to just call all servers owned by a single entity a " server network ", but that is slightly incorrect.

Regardless, there are some other differences too, as Network Sponsor+ costs $49.99, and Sponsor+ on network costs $69.99. Since the value and the price is the same I will move your purchase over to a Sponsor rank on Direwolf20 1.12, if you then wish to upgrade to Sponsor+ still, then it should be already discounted in the shop and only cost $20.


Converted Sponsor+ Network to Sponsor DW1.12.


Thank you for supporting Craftersland :-)

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