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Veil Of Suffering Issue


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Hi everyone. Sorry my bad english, but i need a big help. Playing Minecraft for me went impossible since i catched a bug with Veil Of Suffering ritual from Blood Magic. I lost my hp cuz ritual was running and couldn't find hostiles to drink blood from them. I god mad and destroyed ritual master stone, but ritual won't deactivate. Then i just deleted every single rune and even altar from blood magic - nothing happened, i still continue to take damage from "running" ritual. I even tryed couple minutes ago to make new altar, new ritual, reactivate it, place lever, etc. - zero result. Some kind men proposed to leave my problem here (dunno if i did it right or not tho) so i doing it now begging anyone for help. Maybe my character needs force rollback or something? This story started couple days ago.

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Hello which server is this occurring on? Infinity Evolved?

I'll move this topic to its proper channel. 


Also the coordinates to where your ritual took place. 


I'm unsure how to fix it, I can regen that chunk/chunks but you would have to remove everything in them and move it back when done if you think that could resolve I'd be able to do in that in a few hours after work. 


There's also the option to rollback the area  to a previous point but you would need to edit your original topic and follow this template. 

Rollbacks are done by Brunyman only on Maintenance which typically are Monday/Friday. 



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