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Rollback request SF 2.5 ?

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Your Name: a_400

Island owner: a_400
Server Name: SkyFactory 2.5



Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 24.6.2018/around 16:30
Description of Issue: I have joined the server after a long time and when i wanted to go at the island it told me i wasn't part of one. When to create one it told me i had one. After restarting it is showed me as below the map. I didn't mean to delete it I thought it was a wipe.
Screenshots (Optional): 2018-06-24_16_55_33.thumb.png.57975432c1f2cf8ff19c1701490d2019.png

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Is where I have my coordinates something like a bugged island in may of this year ? As there were no reason for it to disappear and my first thought was that the server reset I restarted my island. Or they delete themselves after a long time without the owner on it ? Or can you check in the oldest backup that you might have? there could be my island in good condition.

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$200k and even $100k is too much money to refund in my opinion, Both of those sums would put player very hight on baltop (10th and 15th place respectively). I would urge Bruny to not refund more then $10k-20k for anything.

When player does not log in for loong time there is always risk of whole server being wiped in meantime or inactive island being deleted, so I do not think we should really substitute lost island with huge amount of money - that would encourage other player to ask for money refund which would totaly destroy economy in game.

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