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Bought a rank went wrong

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dear reader,


i bought a rank at Direwolf20  1.7 and a small keybundle

but i spelled my username wrong so i got nothing please if someone can help me

i got every information you need just tell me what you need




Valentino (IamWildtiger)

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Some useful to give us would be the user name that you would like the rank to be moved to seeing as you made a mistake with the previous one. 


Thanks, Skull. 

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Hi, sorry guys I didn't notice he actually made a topic. WildTiger PM'd me this issue on discord and I went ahead and checked. On July 11th he had 2 payments on the name IAmWidTiger (One 9.99 euros and One 4.99 euros). I just changed the name of the payments from IAmWidTiger to IAmWildTiger to fix it but it didn't work. The commands were still in Due stage and never processed.

I then proceeded to create a new payment of both premium and small key bundle for IAmWildTiger which worked and the issue was solved. I deleted the due commands of both 9.99 euro and 4.99 euro payments just incase that package activated days later for some reason

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