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[Command Request] FearThisGoD


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Account Name: FearThisGoD

Rank: Sponsor+

Requested Commands:

/toggledownfall, /time set, /god (for PS)

/fly, /speed (for CTW lobby)

/pp (for ACv1)

and /speed (for main lobby).

Idk if I can request this cmnd but, /vanish for PS.


Reason for Request:
Just for fun :D.

Vanish in PS to report users that own illegal items, I don't have enough time to take screenshots since they disconnect at the second they see me.

Sponsors already have gm1, I think that /god wouldn't damage someone.

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Vanish is a staff permission, as it's the staff's job to keep an eye on players (that includes you) and check for illegal items. You're more than welcome to report someone if you think they're breaking the rules, you know you can use /invsee if you're curious. But that's about it; let the team do their job, you're here to play the game after all, you're not here to spy on players. ^_^


What's /pp? 

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On 7/27/2018 at 10:50 PM, Adrii said:

The /pp it's for particles, but they've been bugged for more than 3 years, so...




/god is easily abused on a pvp server like this, if you want invulnerability then use creative mode



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