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Logistics Pipes bugs

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Previously I've posted about the unusual delay of Logistics pipes on this thread

However, the situation is worse than I expected, by some unknown reasons, the whole mods looks like has a tons of delays and problems on multiblock structures. Here is some pictures about this:

- First, when you break a basic logistics pipe block, it become like this for 10-30 seconds


- Second, when you place a block to fill the gap between two, it become like this on 30 seconds or forever and force you to remove it and place it again. During this time the requesting table cannot received item information on Drawer Controller





My ping at the time I do this is normal, I can place the block and get the HUD of requesting table instantly. From now I'm going to use RFTools Storage scanner as the alternative solutions but I hope that the bugs with be fixed because Logistics pipes are good mod for mid-tier and also late-tier, the basic logistics pipe has item transformation speed only lower than impluse itemduct and cheaper, easier to craft than.

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9 hours ago, brunyman said:

it may be related to server lag, this mod is not that efficient for multi player

I'm afraid this is a sad news, because now we only have the ME system for autocrafting and massive storages, and ME system can be considered at late-tier crafting and require times to craft it.

But this problem only appear on this mod, another mods work well at the same time

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