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Refund and base investigation request

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Your Name: Rotomegax
Item Name + Amount:  200k of stones on the empty resonant cache
Coordinates: On screenshot
Description of Issue: I set the cache on lock mode and use the omni wrench to move it to the new area for constructing a new base, suddenly all stones disappeared when I place the cache to the ground
Screenshots (Optional): 



Town name: Rotobase

Coord: x - 1025, z 1130

Description of Issue: When I login, my energy setup is messed up, the wooden kinesis pipes and some diamond kinesis pipes become invisible and even I relog many times issues not be fixed. If some staff can please delete all of bug pipes, base rollback atm is very, very, very painful with me because I just build a large platform of cobblestones that cost an hour for the new base next to this.

Screen shot:


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