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[Inventory Rollback Request] Ingénieur (IGN: Ingenieur_13)


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Your Name: Legal?  Fang Danger Langford. (Changed it last month.)  Forum?  IngénieurIn-Game?  Ingenieur_13.
Coordinates: When it happened?  Where I died?  X: -316 Z: -246 Y: 3, in Mining World [sp]
Time/Date (When everything was fine): Server Timestamp: 1:40:00 PM 9/3/18 (a little earlier is okay, if it's easier.)
Description of Issue: I touched some flowing lava and caught fire.  I backed off, still ablaze, struggling to type "/heal", dying but for a typo.  When I went '/back', my grave was nowhere to be found.  To make sure, I tunneled all the way from bedrock to open air and found nothing.
Screenshot: (I'm not sure how much this will help, but....)


[Edit]: Replaced image I had posted before I got the hang of Imagr.


Thank you very much for your kind attentions,

Fang Langford (Danger is my middle name, check my DL ^.^)


[Edit: p. s. Should I have mentioned this was on the Infinity Evolved - Expert server?]

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In case you were wondering about my full hot bar;


  1. I teleported to a mineshaft I had 'sethome'd, to harvest some wood for tools (and I couldn't resist a little fence-post collection while I was there).
  2. The first tool I made was the axe so I could get more wood down there; thus it's almost spent.
  3. I came /back to my deathpoint and began to tunnel upward in a 3x3 staircase (per habit); from y: 2 to surface (around 70, I think) generated all that cobblestone (and the gravel, which nearly strangled me).
  4. And who can mine in the dark?  So I'm toting around a charcoal-making slab furnace too.)


The Hammer I'm after and I'd been using to gather resources was brilliant: moss, fully redstoned, silky gem, paper plates, steel head, and pink slime handle...difficult to replace (even though reachable in early game).


Thanks again! ^.^d


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