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[Town Removal] Xerxes


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Your Name: Always_Ein
Town Name: Xerxes
Coordinates of Town: -2924, ~, 1970
Town members: ANTHONYs_LEGEND
Reason for request: it’s in the way
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 



/seen <player>                         - This commands lets you see when the player was last online
/town info <townname>            - This commands lets you see the town members. The town is case sensitive.

Towns will not be open to raid, the chunks will be reset to their original state and when that has happened and only then will the town permission be removed. For a town to be eligible to be removed all members of the town need to have an inactivity of 1-2 months. This does not guarantee a town wipe and the call is always up for staff to decide.
If you are a staff member requesting a town removal DO NOT show a printscreen of the /seen command. IP-addresses should be private.

Town permission removal happens on a weekly basis and is done on Wednesday.

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