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Thaumcraft Fix


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So a good 1/3 of thaumcrafts endgame is currently locked out due to the crimson cult not spawning. I believe if we got a spawner or ability to purchase a spawner for the different cult members, we could resolve this lock out. I've been unable to test this theory due to all mods being busy doing other stuff. My ingame is Styxster and I'd love to link up and test a few ways to unlock the endgame of thaumcraft or design a system for the server to allow thoughtful progression to acquire these items/spells

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SF2.5 and IE have Crimson Knight and Crimson Cleric Spawn eggs. From there you can use a safari net or soul vial to make your own spawners from them.

Having these spawn eggs on Rev would indeed be very useful. If there are other hard to get items you need for progression you can always post them in the Suggestions section.

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