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Refund because of non-friend items lost


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Your Name: DezeGames (staff)
Item Name + Amount: Power armor all modules and: Helmet x1, Chestplatem x1 , Legs, Boots x1 Power Fist with all modules. Power Armor had elite battery's. X2 Chest, X3 Stirling Engines, X 10 Cheese Ore, X 64 Redstone, X 42 Aluminum Wires, X 2 Lapiz Lazuli Ore, X 4 Tin Ore X 4 Nether Peridot Ore, X 2 Levers, X 4 Copper ore, 2 X Nether Lapiz Lazuli Ore, X 6 Iron Ore, X 3 Silicon Ore, X 1 Nether quarts, X 2 Gold ore, 7 Stone Bricks.2018-10-02_19_26_10.thumb.png.01eecdb31660f3af4f3ddf343dc63db4.png
Coordinates: X 1112.17569 Y 70 Z 2780.90051
Description of Issue: I died from a spider in the base of the player I wanted to help, he had not added me as friend to his town so I couldn't pick it up. He wanted to but didn't know how so I explained him but it was to late. My stuff had despawned.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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