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Issues with Agricraft Wooden Water Tank

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The wooden water tank has been having issues. Whenever I break a block of my wooden water tank, I get an internal server error and it disconnects my game. We took it down while disconnecting many times. I threw away the old water tank and made another one. These do not combine when they are placed next to each other anymore and are unable to fill more than 1 bucket of water. They also don't run the sprinkler when they have water inside. 

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I've always had problems with the Agricraft Wooden Water Tank, mostly it not connecting to form the multiblock and usually breaking its setup. 

Im not sure the cause, but I usually use some way to pump water and use a different water storage and pipe it into a single wooden tank to a irrigation channel connected to the sprinkler

Not sure if you can bypass the tank completely and pipe into the irrigation channel. 


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