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Basic Capacitor Bank

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So I've been having this weird problem where sometimes when I load into the server this capacitor is 100% empty for no reason. It requires me to break it and re-place it over and over again until the saved power finally reloads. It's extra weird because when you break it and hold it it tell you that there's power on it. Anyways, this has been causing me grief in try to deliver power to machines as they sometimes just stop receiving power from the capacitor bank.


Also, another thing that comes up with the basic capacitor bank. When I hook up immersive engineering wire from this capacitor to IC2 machines they don't get powered. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intentional. Hooking up the IE wire to a water wheel or an Extra Utilities generator as a source of power seems to feed the IC2 machines just fine. it's just going through that Basic Capacitor Bank where it stops working for some reason.


If more details are needed I'm more than ready to respond.



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@brunyman this has been pretty common for most players from it not holding power or making its inventory disappear (when your charging something in it) and have to break and replace multiple times till it fixes itself 


When you have time could you look into this? 

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