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[NOT WORKING] @XNet, best mod not working after server restart.


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So here i am, complaining about XNet not working. It feels like we are not able to move into the new type of mods that, for a reason, are better.
The controller and pipes(connector/cable) bug after server restart. I've included pics with examples. When i used them for my canola farm (seeds out of barrel, liquid in/out x2 and energy) where i had alot of connections going on, i tought that it was my bad for pushing it might not like it, but even a simple setup like energy intake, item move from a to b only still got broke.
Please fix it as it should be a server restart script or something that does not let it reload the "memory" it had about the blocks. Sadly is not as easy as just remove and replace the controller, you need to replace the whole setup, remake all the settings in the controller and is not worth it. It's very tedious to remake them all the since we have so many restarts.

I'm sad mainly because this is the only mod that can make a base work with no flaw in like a short area since 1 cable can do 8 things is remarkable and creator claims to be really friendly for the server too.

I left some pictures as proof so please check it, i'm sure i'm not the only one that wants to use them.


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up, seems to happen at CERTAIN server restarts, as of

22./23. October and after like BoboCZ wrotes. (I play at this server since ~ Nov 10th)

30.Nov, ~ 3:00 GMT (my rollback request in Support Forum, and Rollback request Phildaphil, lost gene database!), I remember that ingame he told me, that he also lost wire connections and controller programs)

31.12.2018 between 1:00 and 10:31 GMT.


May be together with mod actualisation?????


I searched in net/other forums and found this information: (https://github.com/McJtyMods/XNet/issues/301)


If MEKANISM blocks causing their load order to be shifted and XNET dosn't load at the wrong time thereby perceiving nothing being available to the XNET Controller and when game loads controller is blank.
    Resolution is to destroy all wires and connectors on XNET and rebuilding it entirely to correct issue (until server restart). Therefore making this unusable in a server environment.

As far as i know, we dont have mekanism mod (?), but maybe something else causes same behavior,:

boot order shifting,

xnet , wire coil connections, gene database (what else????) are missing something what should have been loaded before!,

and so running into errors. So its logic, that a claim rollback does not help.

For xnet i found some commands(?), /xnetdump, /xnetrebuild or /xnetcheck , but dont know what they do, are they usefull now to rebuild things in a base?







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So, today ist 1st february 2019 and it happened again, WireCoil connections lost, no wires anymore, all coils have to be new constructed, all connectors have to be put down and all things have to be put on again.

X-Net-Controllers needs to be programmed again and in order to get it functioning, all xnet-cables and connectors have to be removed/rearranged.

Please, please, find out, which thing occured at these server restarts.

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I already answered to you on discord over this problem, told you that we have tried everything to fix this and at this point it's a compatibility issue with other mods or just resetting the files of the mod every month since it relies on the date, nothing we can really do anymore except resetting everything again every month, as I already said in discord try changing to another system.


Not gonna close this topic in case something comes out as a fix soon.

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