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Refund Request


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Your Name: Lew_Bags
Item Name + Amount: Refined Storage Kit
Coordinates (format x, y, z): -474,63,-1610
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 
Description of Issue: Bought the RS buycraft kit, I didn't receive the 2 solders that should have come with it. Also upon re-log my disk drives were gone. I was talking with BombX and he said I could get AE2 items refunded instead since RS is broken(Can give back rest of RS items if needed).
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hello, The Solderer is longer in Refined Storage:

The Solderer is a machine added by Refined Storage. It has been removed after Refined Storage 1.6 and is replaced with the Cutting Tool.


I refunded you 4 Cutting Tools into a hopper at your last login location.

I am unsure about the transfer of Refined Storage for AE2, we would need to come up with a list of equivalent items.

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The AE2 equivalent Items are as follows if this helps any. This is just straight item to item.


1x ME Controller

1x Crafting Terminal

1x ME Wireless Access Point

1x Wireless Terminal

2x 64k Storage Cells

2x ME Storage Housings

64x Glass Cable - Fluix

2x Inscribers

2x Import Buses

2x Export Buses

2x ME Storage Buses

2x ME Formation Plane

2x Annihilation Plane

1x ME Drive

1x ME Interface

5x Molecular Assemblers

6x Acceleration Cards

2x Capacity Cards( really only option for the stack upgrades)



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