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unban request


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Yesterday I was banned for creating an import system from LeRamma his base to my base.
I didn't mean it to really import suff, it was more like testing and just as a joke to LeRamma.
I will tell LeRamma I was sorry for what happend, I hope the thing I did will not damage the AOD - Reich Alliance. 
I am sorry for what I did, I know the rules and it was just for testing / joke.


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I'm happy for you to be unbanned, but i just don't think you saw it as a joke.

You had everything setup a chunk loader a tesseract and a galvinsed item duct, I think you were trying because it's been there for a while.

Please don't do it to me again, also as a precaution, I'll never be adding you to my /t friends list again.



- Ramma

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