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Inventory rollback request

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Your Name: StupidIsMyName
Coordinates: -2215, 101, 3045 Overworld
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 21:40 on the 25th of October
Description of Issue: Died in Beunkies claim and all items voided. Most items were soulbound but neither appeared in gravestone nor inventory after death.

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after talking to staff I was under the assumption the rollback was going to take a few more days, so I forgot to remove all the items from my inventory before hurredly logging off yesterday, as such I lost all the new gear I bought from Beunkie and all my RFtools stuff and some more tools.

Is it possible to revert my inventory to before you rolled back so I can get those items back too?
Since that gear was actually many times as good as what I had before I bought from Beunkie.

I cleared the inventory from the pre-bug into a chest so I won't lose anything like that.

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emerald dank null with 1k iron blocks
Flügel tiara: flügel wings
Draconic armour full set
soulbound 3 with all upgrades wyvern
Draconic pickaxe with eff 5 soulbound 3
Bow of the wyvern 
Ender Mk2 with the following enchants

Voral 3
Leech 4
Looting 3
Reaper 5
Sweeping edge 3
XP boost 3

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