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[Cheater] Ivanova


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In-Game Nickname: Ivanova


Time and date: 4:05 pm GMT-5 , 02/11/2018 


Description of what happened: It was like a normal day I wanted to play on the server so i joined and suddenly i get a tpa resquest, I didnt accept it but he was spamming me with tpa and tpa and tpa so i accepted it once he was teleported to my base he started giving me cheated items like hydras egg to grief bases a luggage with creative engines creative node summon and another op things I take all pics that i could and tried to contact OpPGold that was online in that moment but he didnt answered so the user disconected. Like 10 mins later OpPgold finally answered and I told him all that happened then Idk what happened he banned the user for 2 days.I think that is not a good ban cuz he has the hydras egg and that means he was one of the players that griefed bases and maybe the spawn.

The user Nickname was TkzNachoo_.


Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/BwcqIBC   https://imgur.com/P5Pf883  https://imgur.com/E4Q0Ev3  https://imgur.com/NxKnvXr https://imgur.com/kYXByOw


List of eyewitnesses: Only me

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