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[Expert Mode Question] The Magnum Torch and Transfer Nodes


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Hello wonderful community!


I've spent a fair part of this night trying to craft some Transfer Node (Item)s and Magnum Torches.  After finally assembling all the required components according to the diagram in Not Enough Items...nothing (NEI).  It's blank.  I review the recipes carefully; I make sure everything is in the appropriate positions; I even used the "?" feature of NEI to redo each recipe and...  It won't craft.


Am I doing something wrong?  I've searched our community forum and found nothing, not even on the banned / restricted item lists.  I also took a swing at the internet in general, but there was hardly mention of the Expert recipes, much less how I'm deviating from them.


Can someone offer a little tutelage for me?  Perhaps a link I can follow to sort this out?  Anything?  Crafting is one of the things I value most in Minecraft (aside from sculpting).


^.^  Your Friend,

Fang le Ingénieur 

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