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[Server Reset Problem] Akademee

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Your Name: Akademee
Town Name: GreenFort
Coordinates: -2771, 3870
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):  November 6, 12:45 US EST
Description of Issue: The server reset today a little after 1:00 pm.  I was at spawn at the time.  I /t spawned back to my base only to find that all of my ME systems were completely broken.  I have lost access to all ME devices, I can't even right-click into ME drive blocks.  I appear to have lost everything in my ME system, but I can't even access the drive block to confirm.  All of the cables have reverted back to individual blocks and are not connecting with each other.  I was able to dismantle much of the system and put it back together, but if this is going to be come a regular thing, I won't be able to play on here.  I was able to get everything back.  I still have broken ME objects at my base and I would appreciate it if someone could come out and tell me what happened.  I will keep the broken stuff there for a while so that someone can come and look at it if they would like.  Sorry for the picture size, I can only upload a 220 kB pic apparently ?



Screenshots (Optional): 


ME System.jpg

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Hello there @Akademee,

This is commonly from using World Anchors and I assume how the chunks sometime loads when you load it up, to fix you would remove the world anchors/chunkloaders

Have anyone thats in your town go to spawn including yourself (if there online)

Then log out for 2-3 minutes for enough time for your town to unload.

This typically fixes it, alternatively you could use a transfer node and i guess any extracting block to remove your drives

(if the drives are broken and replaced before fixing this you will lose your drives!)


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