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[Command Request] Ness27


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Account Name: Ness27
Rank: Sponsor - Tekkit
Requested Commands^: 

1. WorldEdit ( worldedit.* )

2. /speed ( nucleus.speed.base )


Reason for Request*: 

1. To edit areas of my town faster instead of editing one block at a time. I have read other command requests and understand to stick to small areas and edits to prevent lag and avoid abuse.

2. To move quicker when walking/flying/running; instead of having to use power armor or other effects when messing around. I am also sad cause my power armor glitched while in creative now says they were spawned in, even though I made them legitly :(

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Commands Added


Note that world edit actions are logged, don't use for large tasks or abuse the permission. If caught abusing it will be removed.


Note that speed can lag the server if you are going fast through many chunks so try to keep it to a minimum and it is not to be used for PvP

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